A clumsy green witch ensnares her hot neighbor to unfortunate results; a romance between an angel and a demon unfolds amid a dystopian afterlife; two vampire/human relationships form in a town haunted by prejudice.

In this collection of short stories, JodiMarie Meyer brings you three tales—an almost-romance, the end of a romance, and the beginning of another romance—the first, a dark comedy; the second, a contemplation on the nature of perfectionism; and the third, a portrait of kindness in a world of hate.

About Me

JodiMarie Meyer enjoys toeing the line between the mundane and the magical and exploring the dichotomies of good and evil; she primarily writes love stories, but not always. Definitely someone who got in trouble for daydreaming in class. Definitely someone who scribbles frantic story notes while stirring pasta. She makes her home in the Maryland countryside with her husband, dog, and rabbit. She is the author of one short story collection: magic/madness. Currently, she is writing her debut novel, Luc & Lila.