• Podcast Ep. #7: The Copy Edit

    Admittedly, copy editing is a bit of a boring topic for a podcast. However, I did want to give you a few tips that have made checking for typos and grammar/punctuation errors a little easier for me. I highly recommend for this round of edits to either change your project to a different font or… Continue reading

  • Podcast Ep. #6: Six Steps to a Solid Style Edit

    On the previous episode, I talked about content editing, so today I would like to talk about the second round of editing I do, which is for style. And all style really means that you are going to make your story sound prettier. You are going to dress it up and elevate the language in… Continue reading

  • Podcast Ep. #5: Five Steps to a Solid Content Edit

    [Um, yeah, I mixture content and style edits, so ignore the title…but at least I have a system that works for me! ? Writing is messy, and rules are dumb. ?‍♀️ Enjoy!] On the previous episode, I talked about my overall drafting process, and today I would like to talk more about the editing process… Continue reading

  • Podcast Ep. #4: Six Steps to a Solid Scene

    Today I would like to talk about my process of writing a scene completely from scratch, and I’ve broken this down into six steps for you to easily follow. Every writer’s brain is different, so this is by no means the way you have to write or the way you should write, but I’m hoping… Continue reading

  • Podcast Ep. #3: The Importance of Finishing

    Today, I would like to talk about why you should finish your writing projects. If you want to improve your skills as a writer, it is important to write a lot and to write continuously, but it is equally important that you learn to write a project all the way through to the end and… Continue reading

  • Podcast Ep. #2: Writer’s Block

    Today, I would like to talk about writer’s block and share a few of my tricks for getting through it. When I was growing up, I thought writer’s block was a real thing that you could get and you just had to wait for it to go away—you know, wait for your muse to come… Continue reading

  • Podcast Ep. #1 : Hi, I’m JodiMarie 🙂

    To start out, I thought I would introduce myself and tell you why I decided to make this podcast. So, hi 🙂 My name is JodiMarie, and I live on the eastern coast of the United States with my husband and my dog. I grew up in the South in a very, very small town… Continue reading

  • Hello!

    Welcome to my homepage! This page will have actual posts shortly, but for now please tap on the ‘Books’ section if you, like me, would like to escape reality. 🙂 Continue reading

About Me

JodiMarie Meyer enjoys toeing the line between the mundane and the magical and exploring the dichotomies of good and evil; she primarily writes love stories, but not always. Definitely someone who got in trouble for daydreaming in class. Definitely someone who scribbles frantic story notes while stirring pasta. She makes her home in the Maryland countryside with her husband, dog, and rabbit. She is the author of one short story collection: magic/madness. Currently, she is writing her debut novel, Luc & Lila.