Short Stories

  • “The Thing That Matters”

    Originally published in the evermore review, Midnights: The Mini Issue, April 2023 Author’s Note: This story is a sequel to “Blood, Chocolate, and Tinsel” in magic/madness, but it is not necessary to read that story first. Content Warning: descriptions of blood consumption (in terms of both humans and vampires), brief language Huddled against the wall… Continue reading

About Me

JodiMarie Meyer enjoys toeing the line between the mundane and the magical and exploring the dichotomies of good and evil; she primarily writes love stories, but not always. Definitely someone who got in trouble for daydreaming in class. Definitely someone who scribbles frantic story notes while stirring pasta. She makes her home in the Maryland countryside with her husband, dog, and rabbit. She is the author of one short story collection: magic/madness. Currently, she is writing her debut novel, Luc & Lila.